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Hear From Our Clients


Father of Two Teens

"Kate sees two of my children. My son started as a junior and we started my daughter as a freshman. I wish we started my son sooner. He excelled at all aspects of his life. Grades improved. His happiness improved. He has gotten into 6 out of 7 colleges he has applied to and some of them were a reach. He and Kate had all applications done by October 15. It was such a great service."

Lilly, age 20

High School / College Client

""I started working with Coach Kate when I was 15; I am now 20. Coach Kate helped me work through a traumatic event while in high school, encouraged me during my college application process, taught me healthier emotional regulation skills during my time at UNC-Chapel Hill, and is now helping soothe my anxiety as I begin my grad school journey. I owe so much to Coach Kate; she has truly made me a stronger and more balanced individual!"


Mom of Teen

"Kate made our college application process so easy! We would have been lost without her. Her knowledge, experience, and guidance helped our son get accepted into 5/6 schools, including his dream school, University of Tenessee. I highly recommend Kate! ❤️"

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