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Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions are answered here. Please contact Teens In Balance using our email, phone, or online chat if your question isn't answered!

Can I start anytime or do I have to start at the beginning of the school year?

Yes you can start at any time, we want your Teen to get in balance whenever you are they are ready.  We will start their plan and selectively go back and address things they may have missed important for their goals.


Do you work with Teen and parent through college selection & application process?

Yes, your Teen will do a pre-college meeting with us followed by a meeting with parents to discuss financial aid, thoughts on college, as well as any questions/concerns they have.


Can I cancel at any time? 

Yes, you can cancel at any time.  A fee will be applied if you want to start back up again.


Do you have referrals for test prep tutors, course tutors, and other resources we may need for our Teen?

Yes, we have several business partners that are ready to go with no waiting even if they have a waitlist.


Do you go over options other than college for Teens?

Yes, we will have online speakers on the trades, beauty, gap year, and volunteering.  We will also do an assessment with your teen to see what they are leaning toward and make sure we have resources they can access.

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