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January 12, 2011


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Sophia Shurely

I am also in some confusion about all this texting and my role as Mom in this activity. I love the humor in the texts that go back and forth between us, but am very concerned about the three conversations at once going on during a live conversation we are having. I have this kind of tongue in cheek phrase coming from experts called "our family values." It's kind of tongue in cheek because at the moment our family is she and I. Still, I say something like: "It is not within our family values to be having four conversations at once. We value giving a person we are communicating with our full attention." She smirks and we might have a conversation about how it doesn't feel like a family when there are just two of us. And the message is still out there. The thing about parenting teens is that I have had to let go of the idea of physically and immediately making something stop that I don't like. The best power I seem to have is planting ideas. Does this work for anyone else out there in cyperland? *<{:^)

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